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GCSE Geology

Your students will fulfil their two-day GCSE fieldwork requirement whilst exploring some of the best locations along the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site for Geology. During these two days, we will use a selection of locations to answer an investigation question, for example “What is the geological history of the Isle of Purbeck?”.

The fieldwork will help students to evaluate the depositional environment which each of the rock types were formed in, look at how these environments changed through the late Jurassic and Cretaceous and understand post-depositional structures (faults and folds).

Our tutors will expertly guide students through the fieldwork which will involve:

• Constructing graphic logs
• Geological mapping
• Rock descriptions and recording observations
• Applying classification systems
• Strike and dip
• Creating a geological history
• Field sketches

We also have an extensive rock and mineral collection, so students can undertake our geology workshop in the evening, including identifying fossils, testing density and Moh’s hardness scale and relating sedimentary rocks to the relative sea level curve.

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Leeson House Field Studies Centre
Langton Matravers
BH19 3EU

Phone: 01929 422126  

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