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Primary Outdoor Education - Leeson House

Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Teddy Bears Picnic

The Teddy Bears Picnic programme is based on the principles of Earth Education and focuses on environmental education for reception and Key Stage 1 classes. During your day visit to Leeson House, the children will take part in a sequence of activities which will help them learn the requirements for life of Teddy Bears - and all other living creatures. A picnic lunch shared with all the Teddies.

After the picnic the pupils will listen to a story which ties together all the themes explored in the morning session. The day concludes with the pupils working in groups to create miniature "desert islands" for their Teddies, complete with all the requirements for life.

Sensory Activities

Children learn to use all of the senses through games such as 'Scratch and Sniff' and the 'Unnature Trail'.

Environmental Art

Ideas from Andy Goldsworthy’s amazing art are used to make outdoor pictures and sculptures!

Pond Study and Minibeasts

Children explore the masses of pond life beneath the murky waters of our ponds. Comparisons between different habitats and the minibeasts found in each is always a popular activity.


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